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LucrecerBraxtonLucrecer Braxton is a podcaster, award-winning photographer, self-portrait lover and live broadcasting enthusiast.

She has graced the stage at many conferences, sharing a passionate, motivating message to her audience. She has led workshops on relationship building, photography, blogging, and building communities online and pitching for speakers.

As the host of the Hello Friend Podcast, she brings weekly, candid conversations with guests who offer a glimpse into how they live their most awesome lives. She is a hardcore podcast and live broadcasting connoisseur and enjoys not only listening, but sharing great information that help people grow and embrace their awesome.

She was born in Georgia and is a southern girl at heart. She loves on herself, loves on haters and has no problem calling out “hot mess” when she sees it.

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Leveling Up with

Attendees will learn:

1) How easy it is to get started with
2) How to repurpose content from Blab on your other platforms
3) How to organize round table discussions around topics you are passionate about

Live video streaming apps are all the rage with Periscope, Facebook Live and Blab leading the way. If you are looking to add live video streaming to your social media arsenal and you want more than a solo conversation with your device, could be the right tool for you. With up to four people at a time in a conversation, viewers can tweet, join in via chat or join in the live broadcast.

Blab allows you to connect with influencers, industry experts and people and show them who you really are. If you are looking for another way to engage and grow your fan or customer base, could be the right move for you.

Lucrecer’s Periscope Handle: @Lucrecer

Session date and time: Thursdsday, March 31, 12:00pm central

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