Lisa N. Alexander

Lisa N Alexander

Known as The Marketing Stylist™,  Lisa N. Alexander has worked as an art director, graphic designer and marketing consultant throughout her 20 year career. As a consultant, she helps small business owners grow their businesses through strategic marketing and planning. Lisa describes this process as helping clients develop their WOW factor for their big marketing red carpet events.

Defining Your Target Audience

Key takeaways for participants of this session are:

  • Participants will walk away with knowledge on how to build audience profile
  • Know where to find information regarding their audience
  • Learn how to write a targeted message for their audience

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners make the mistake of thinking everybody and anybody is a potential customer. This type of thinking will always result in lost time and revenue.

Lisa’s interactive program shares real world examples of what happens when you try to service everyone and how entrepreneurs and small business owners can begin to define and identify their target audience.

Lisa’s Periscope Handle: @LisaNAlexander

Lisa’s live session has ended. You can watch her replay below:

Katch link: (see the next video for the remaining session after the Periscope glitch)

Katch link:

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