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Kara AllanKara was has been a Wardrobe Stylist for 13 years and a Makeup Artist for 9 years. She was a personal vetted stylist with Stacy London’s (of TLCs “What Not to Wear” fashion makeover show) Style for Hire, a national styling firm for 3 years. Kara also spent time as the stylist for the magazine I Am Modern and DC Life Magazine.com. In 2015, Kara served as a Personal Shopper Expert in the $3 Billion Lawsuit between White Flint Mall and Lord & Taylor. Kara is passionate about helping men and women look and feel their best.  Visit Kara’s website at KaraAllan.com

Kara’s Conference Session:

Before You Sell Your Product or Service, You Are Selling Yourself

In this live session you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to have a consistent image
  • What are the 3 points to cover for a great image
  • How to build an authentic image from where you are today
In life we are all salesmen and saleswomen, whether you want to be or not. The first thing that people see is how you look, how you present yourself. No one will believe anything, even who you say you are if you are not presenting an authentic, consistent image.
Kara’s Periscope Handle:  @KaraAllan

Kara’s live session has ended. You can catch her replay below.
Katch link: https://ktch.tv/4HN8

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