Dana Garrison

Dana Garrison

In 30 days, Dana was able to break through 2.5 million hearts and 5000 followers because she took 100 hours to study the platform. She teaches how to growth hack Periscope, how to monetize and get sponsors.

Dana has studied human success and psychology and has been a Social Psychologist, an International Business Consultant, Author, and Speaker. She’s been on Huffington Post and Huffington Post Live speaking about Periscope for Business.

Dana helps people break through their Money Ceiling, grow their business to 6 and 7 figures, and travel the world. www.DanaGarrison.com

Dana’s Conference Session:

Hot Tips to Growing Your Periscope & Your Biz Fasterperiscope

In this live session you will learn:

– The #1 Secret to Growing Your Periscope and Your Business
– The 2 Biggest Culprits That Block Your Success (Bet you can’t guess)
– The Root Cause of Self Sabotage & How to Stop It (It’s not what you think)

Want to grow on Periscope faster? Or grow your business faster? Learn the #1 Secret to Growth and 2 of the biggest reasons you aren’t growing as fast as you could. Discover the root causes of self sabotage. We’ll do a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION live, to help you bust through a limitation!

Dana’s Periscope Handle:  @DanaGarrison

Dana’s live session has ended. You can catch the replay below.

Katch link: https://ktch.tv/4Djd

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