Apryl Beverly

Apryl Beverly

Apryl Beverly is the Word Stylist and founder of BAAB Writing and Marketing Services. Small businesses, corporations and creative, big-hearted entrepreneurs trust her to style their words into spine-tingling sentences that capture hearts, minds + pockets.

Apryl’s Conference Session:

Business Plans: What the “Gurus” Will Never Tell You

In this live session you will learn:

  1. The top question to ask before hiring an expensive business plan writer
  2. The key ingredients every business plan should have
  3. periscope

  4. How to develop a powerful business plan in about an hour
 Old school gurus often say a business plan is at the core of profitability and sustainability. This statement is true. But then they send you off to your local small business help center where you get a 50-page business plan “cheat sheet.” Argh! But no fear, I’ve got the secrets to writing a powerful business plan without the frustration.

Apryl’s Periscope Handle:  @baabwriting

Apryl’s live session had ended. You can catch the replay below.

Katch link: https://ktch.tv/4D3K

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